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Record proceeds benefit evening Charity4Brains

On Friday evening March 31, Beachclub Lemmer was all about 'Klein Geluk', the sixth benefit evening for Charity4Brains. Charity4Brains Foundation draws attention to the brain disease Ataxia. She has already organized a benefit evening for this good cause 5 times before.

Herberg Het Rechthuis has made a small contribution by donating an overnight stay to this fantastic cause. Naturally, Theun, as ambassador of the foundation, took care of part of the presentation.

The record proceeds of €25,646.00 on this evening were overwhelming and will be donated to the UMCG, where an important contribution is being made to research into the treatment of the debilitating disease Ataxia.

We congratulate Carina, Rieneke and all the people who contributed to this fantastic result!


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