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On the hundreds of mounds of medieval Fryslân there was often a stins: a habitable stone tower with very thick walls, to defend the inhabitants of the mound in times of armed conflict.

Aanzicht van de Schierstins in Veenwouden

One of these stone houses remains (the Schierstins) and here and there remnants can be identified. Of the first stone houses in the city (city stinzen) there are more, greatly modified over time.

Zij-aanzicht van de Schierstins in Veenwouden


Many stinzen have been demolished, but some have developed: the resident (the 'chieftain') expanded his residence into a complex for which the name 'state' was used. Here too, most of them are no longer there. 

Aanzicht Dekema State


The main building is a museum house and can be visited. The walled garden and estate are also accessible.




Main building cannot be visited. There is, however, a brasserie, garden hall and terrace next door. Park freely accessible.

Aanzicht Staniastate Oentsjerk
Fogelsangh State



Building (limited) open to the public (entrance). The garden around it, called Veenkloosterbos, is freely accessible for walking.

There are even more beautiful States and Stinzen throughout Friesland.


  • Vijversburg with a nature and culture park in Tytsjerk. Park around it accessible to the public (entrance)

  • The Klinze in Aldtsjerk. 'Trial sleep estate' and Grand Cafe (open weekends). Park freely accessible

  • It Lytse Slot in Veenklooster. The building / garden cannot be visited due to private property.

  • Rinsmastate in Driezum. Main building cannot be visited. Garden and park freely accessible


Check this website for the complete overview.

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