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Commissioner of the King Arno Brok on a working visit to Herberg Het Rechthuis

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Commissioner of the King Arno Brok paid an official visit to the municipality of Dantumadiel on Thursday. The day started with a conversation with the mayor and aldermen at the town hall in Damwâld. Afterwards, the Commissioner paid a visit to Rinsumaeast, where the village development company (DOM) presented its plans for the village.

Among other things, the DOM wants to restore historic parts of the village to their former glory and also make the village more attractive for tourists. The Commissioner seemed impressed by the plans “Dit is in wat beskieden hoeke fan de provinsje, mar lânskiplik sjoen ien fan de moaiste hoeken. Dizze doarpen fertsjinje ek in ympuls nei de takomst ta.”


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